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Waiting is boring, waiting at the Love Sofa, something completely different, will it happen? You know what I mean

Have you ever went to an appointment and just be there waiting and waiting, the time is passing and nothing happens? Well amathalovers, this boudoir is about the wait, but for something more special, will it happen?

Honestly this boudoir was shot at a Love Hotel, using their Love Sofa and there was a “wide” area that we used to take the pictures.

The dressing was pretty simple, a middle white transparent lingerie coat and a thong, THATS IT, nothing else was needed just the let the sensuality run.

A pic from my Love Sofa Boudoir. Click to see more!

The boudoir photoshoot was done quickly, just moving around, playing with my cloth and let the session guide me on what to do. Most of my sessions try to be like that, I let the session guide me, not trying to force things, not like, now it is time to show your tits, now your ass, etc., NO, my sessions guide me as I see it is needed. just letting the things flow, thats all.

And yes, this love hotel, was used as set for other boudoirs, can you guess which ones?

So, I don’t think there is too much to say about this boudoir, just trying to leave the sense of want, the sense of “need more of this”, the uncertainity of not knowing if it will happen, basically, playing around with the mind. Love to play with the feeling of “I want more”, yes maybe you can and have seen parts of me, but I feel I have done it not in an erotic and explicit way, more in the sensual way, so I think I am managing this in the way I am trying and hopefully you are liking it.

A pic from my Love Sofa Boudoir. Click for more!

But, did it happen? what happen?

What do you think? I bet in your imagination is running the word SEX, and you are imagining yourself doing as many things as you could to my body, but the truth is that, what happen is something different.

I’m just going to say that several things happen, very interesting things, that I prefer to leave to the imagination, its always better to let the mind fly and let it take you wherever you want.

Well, I don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, I just hope you like it, suscribe to my blog if you want to know more about my world, that you enjoy the pics, you can check my other Boudoirs to know more of my world of Amatha “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE!!



  1. I don’t think that sensual and erotica are mutually exclusive. For example, the photo of you where you are pulling down your panties and just shy of exposing your pussy is both sensual and erotic – and in good taste. Think of it this way – as a musician, if my songs bring the listener to an emotional place, well that’s a big win for me. I don’t know WHERE that emotional place is, but it reflects on my ability to write, perform and draw the listener in. That somewhat answers your statement “I bet in your imagination is running the word SEX, and you are imagining yourself doing as many things as you could to my body”. If your viewers are brought to an erotically charged place by viewing your art, then it’s additional to the interpretive place of the viewer. Win-win.

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    1. I agree, I have known that it depends of the perspective of each person, so I understand that if I am trying to be sexy, like pulling my panties off, it can be taken in many ways. Now it has been easier to understand while doing this, the perspectives of this “art world”, also even I am clothed erotic thoughts can appear, so it is better to focus on which one wants to do and if another person likes it, even he or she understand it in another way, it is a win win as you said, as your music, cool!

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      1. Right! Someone once told me that the worst is when someone listened to a song and didn’t have an opinion. It was much better to evoke an emotional response, either negative or positive, from your work. So there. If someone views your photos and finds something erotic, or something artistic – or both – then you’ve accomplished something.

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      2. Its a good way to see things, for sure I will continue to create more and let the imagination flow and hopefully it will generate feelings, either good or bad, but as you said, to generate something is the main point. I like that.


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