Artistic Nudes

Many have asked me, thought about it, so why not? Here I show everything but not in porn style since I still keep the artistic touch, I DON’T DO PORN THIS IS ARTISTIC, nudity is art, so I am always trying that my pictures tell something than just “here is my pussy”. My pics try to have more than just a naked chic, so here things work like this.

Most of these nude sets have done them through different talks with different artists that wanted to draw me in different ways, so here are the sets I have created to select a pic or pics that will be drawn by an artist. ENJOY!

On 4 Ass Nude

Chimney Nude

Spring Waterfall Nude

Waterfall I Nude

Thong Play Nude

Roof Fox Nude

Green Wall Nude

Puff Fox Nude

Puff Front Nude

Feet to Top Nude

Couch Nude

Head Fox Nude

Love Couch Nude

Bed Crossed Nude

On the Shelf Nude

Yes, by playing Amatha I have felt more comfortable with my body, as all of us should be and it has been easier to express myself through nudity, showing all of me, because it is me and I LOVE ME and it has been great to do al the sets I have done so far, really great experiences.

So, now you know. Here I will post the extreme, where basically I am showing all. I DON’T DO PORN THIS IS ARTISTIC, can be erotic since it depends on the feelings and sensations of the viewer, horny minds; but this is to show sensuality while being fully naked, so please don’t contact me with porn suggestions, won’t happen.

Just please enjoyed my world of Amatha “The Masked Boudoir Model” and basically ENJOY LIFE.


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